In Defense of Mary Poppins

This time The Little Stinkers have gone too far.

They are now directing their Smear Campaigns against Mary Poppins!

Here is a sampling of community comments put forward during recent discussions of The Poppins Matter:

JohnYaker: As far as John Greaney’s article referenced in the original post, I found it cruelly mean-spirited.

Gregory: You’re right, the article about Rob is very mean-spirited. It’s too bad the author feels the need to do this sort of thing.

OUJohnNasr: That link is mean-spirited, hateful, degrading, but above all, it’s true. Rob, if you are reading this, please do the right thing and get back in the work force. Leaving a $100,000+ a year job at the age of 43 was financial suicide considering the size of your nest egg.

Radioman: When, how and if to retire are determined solely by individual circumstances.

JohnYaker: The article says more about the character of the author than the subject. Reminds me of schoolyard bullying.

Earnabuck: I think Greaney is still steaming because Rob exposed him and his 4% SWR. He gave bad advice and attempts to change the spotlight off of his own recklessness. What a shame, quite petty.

Allan: I think Greaney’s website is full of excellent, specific information, while Rob’s website is like watching Mary Poppins.

CashNCarry: Why on earth would someone advertise their personal life the way he has, I mean he’s created his own personal Truman Show. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Clemcs06: Dude, get a freakin job so you can take your kids to Disney World.

Hocus: Many sites in the personal finance area are far too stuffy. Mary Poppins is the voice of common sense in comparison to some of the oh-so-grave-and-oh-so-self-important voices being heard on Planet Internet today.

Jason375: I am not sure Rob intends for his “advice” to be taken seriously. He likes to challenge the conventional wisdom (lots of posts with titles like “work is not a four letter word”) and get reactions.

Tc101: It takes all kinds. Maybe hocus adds some flavor to the mix.

Allan: The problem I have is that Rob is putting himself out to the general public as a financial expert, questioning the real experts like Bernstein and Scott Burns.

Greg24: I wouldn’t call it retirement to quit your job so you can post 12 hrs a day on the internet. [Editors Note: Ouch!]

Jason375: Greaney is single and managed to accumulate several million dollars for a secure retirement. Rob has millions less and dependents. I guess everyone is free to choose their own experts, lol.

CashNcarry: I hate to admit it, but hocus brings out the worst in me (and some others as well). He reminds me of one of those lifesize inflatable clown balloons I had as a child. You’d step on it’s feet, and whack the tar out of it, and it would go down and spring back up again ready for the next whack.

Arrete: I will not respond to any post directed at me by Rob because I already know he will either play the injured innocent, pretend we’re friends, or twist my words.

Hocus: My friendships are not dependent on what the individual who I have come to think of as a friend believes about safe withdrawal rates or any other investing topic.


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