Please Do Not Feel That You Must Read This Blog Entry

Intimidation undermines science.

Intimidation interferes with the reasoning process.

Intimidation causes confusion.

Intimidation turns friend against friend.

Intimidation biases research.

Intimidation can trump logic for a time.

Intimidation causes worry about the long term because intimidation cannot trump logic indefinitely.

The use of intimidation reveals the weakness of an argument.

Intimidation is bad manners.

The desire to make use of intimidation comes from a dark place in the human psyche.

Intimidation has a bad track record.

Everyone notices intimidation.

Many of us ignore intimidation in the hope that it will go away by itself without our needing to get involved.

Intimidation serves no constructive purpose.

Participating in intimidation or tolerating intimation causes us to feel shame.

Intimidation is often the product of defensiveness.

Intimidation is a form of power favored by those who do not possess access to more legitimate forms of power.

We all have lots of experience with intimidation, both using it and having it used on us.

Intimidation feeds on itself — one act of intimidation brings on other acts of intimidation to block discovery of the first.

I cannot recall ever hearing anyone argue that intimidation is a good thing.

Intimidation hurts both those to whom it is directed and those doing the directing.

Intimidation is both non-feeling and non-thinking.

Intimidation is a common rhetorical device.

Many people have done things to limit intimidation or to put an end to it, but it always reappears.

Intimidation has no place in discussions of what the historical stock-return data says about the effect of valuations on long-term returns.

Or maybe it does. Maybe we just do not yet fully understand what influences stock prices. Maybe emotions play a big role and wherever emotions come into play intimidation sooner or late comes into play too.

Intimidation is the use of fear by fearful people.

Most of us do not like talking about or thinking about intimidation, especially in the discussion of investing strategies.

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