“A Very Solid Approach to Investing”

Michael Harr, founder of Walden Advisors, endorsed the Valuation-Informed Indexing strategy in recent comments at the Wealth Uncomplicated blog.

Juicy Excerpt: I’d like to introduce you to a very solid approach to investing from Rob Bennett…. The principles are sound, and, over the long run, it will serve to reduce overall risk in your portfolio while providing more than adequate returns.

The comments came as preface to a Guest Blog Entry that I wrote for the blog entitled A Better Approach to Investing.

Juicy Excerpt: Those who engage in long-term timing were going with low stock allocations in the years prior to the price crashes in 2000 and 2008. They have far more in the way of assets today as a result. They will be earning compounding returns on the differential for many years to come. The data shows that those who practice long-term timing for 30 years should be able to retire up to five years sooner than those who do not.


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