“I Like Rob’s Fresh Views and Tips on the Subject of Saving”

The Digerati Life blog recently ran a blog entry examining the unconventional money saving tips explored in my recent interview with ABC News Now. It’s called Money Saving Advice from an Expert Money Saver.

Juicy Excerpt: I like Rob’s fresh views and tips on the subject of saving money…. The “magic” here is that by using this rule, you’ll figure out what it takes to fund something for life. Once you’ve saved up for something in this manner, it can be quite liberating to realize that you’ll never have to worry about affording that particular budget (spending) category ever again.

Lots of good comments.

Juicy Excerpt: Maybe I’m still too young to be able to budget the cost of each thing for my entire life:) – it’s simpler to work towards one little savings goal at a time.


  1. Rob says

    The Digerati Life is a high quality blog. I’ve been checking in on it for a long time. I was of course thrilled when she elected to write up my interview and the ten tips. That came as a total happy surprise.


  2. says


    As a side comment related to Today’s Passion: notice the new definition of risk.

    You always have to be careful when talking about probability and statistics.

    I prefer a definition which specifies a dollar amount at a specific year, not an annualized percentage increase over an indefinite time frame.

    If you look at the likelihood of reaching $1.0 million starting from some specified amount (or using dollar cost averaging), good things eventually do happen.

    If you demand an 8% or 9% annualized return, you can continue to have difficulties.

    Have fun.

    John Walter Russell

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