BlogAds Ad#1 — Most Hated Blogger!

I’ve put up my first BlogAds ad at the Cassy Fiano blog. It’s entitled Most Hated Blogger!.

Juicy Excerpt: Banned at Motley Fool! Banned at Morningstar! Banned at Bogleheads!

Boy, that guy is banned at lots of places. I wonder why.

The ad will only appear for a short time at Cassy’s  site. But I expect to run it at other places in coming days.

Speak out against the Ban on Honest Posting on Safe Withdrawal Rates and Other Critically Important Investment-Related Topics!

Oh, there’s one other thing I thought I should mention for the benefit of the Lindauer/Greaney “defenders.” That gun Cassy is holding in the photo at the top? Her nickname for it is “The Goon Terminator.” Yowsa!


  1. DW says


    Your blog posts now consist of recounting emails that you have sent and a post about an ad you placed on another blog. An ad?!!?!?

    You are not the most hated blogger, but you are the most irrelevant.


  2. Rob says

    You are not the most hated blogger, but you are the most irrelevant.

    I would have said that it was kind of you to take time out of your day to share your thoughts with us even if you hadn’t let us know that you feel that way, DW. But I think it would be fair to say that those words serve to highlight the point.


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