Beyond Buy-and-Hold #71 — Buy-and-Holders Are Good and Smart People

I’ve posted Entry #71 to my weekly Beyond Buy-and-Hold column at the Out of Your Rut site. It’s called Buy-and-Holders Are Good and Smart People.

Juicy Excerpt: Do you know any field of human endeavor in which the pioneers got it all right on the first try? I can’t think of one. We shouldn’t be surprised that the Buy-and-Holders messed up big time. We should have expected it all along. That’s what usually happens when the humans go about making huge advances in their understanding of some matter of importance. Mess-ups are a part of the process.

I wish we could all start seeing it that way. If we could, we would see the defensiveness that has been holding us back from spreading the word about all of our exciting breakthroughs disappear. If we could just accept that mess-ups are a natural part of the learning process, we could help the Buy-and-Holders come to see that Valuation-Informed Indexing is not so much a refutation of their years of hard work as it is a vindication of them and a fulfillment of them.