Balance Junkie Column #2 : Why We Are Afraid to Acknowledge the True Cause of the Economic Crisis

I’ve posted Entry #2 to my weekly column at the Balance Junkie site. It’s titled Why We Are Afraid to Acknowledge the True Cause of the Economic Crisis.

Juicy Except: My boys (Timothy, age 12, and Robert, age 9) and I were watching a DVD of the old television series I’ll Fly Away a few days ago. The series tells the story of the civil rights struggle of the early 1960s and how it affected the people of a small town in South Carolina. There’s one scene that we watched that I believe tells a good bit of the story of what is going on in our minds re the economic crisis of today.

A black minister and several members of his congregation make a decision to sit down at the lunch counter and order sodas. The white people in the town are horrified and take action. A milkshake is poured on the head of the minister. A cup of coffee is poured on the head of one of the members of the congregation and he runs screaming from the premises to the sound of the taunts and laughs and threats of the white people of the town.

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