VII #82 — Much to Gain by Killing Buy-and-Hold

I’ve posted Entry #82 to my weekly Valuation-Informed Indexing column at the Value Walk site. It’s called Much to Gain by Killing Buy-and-Hold.

Juicy Excerpt: Academics have known about the holes in the Buy-and-Hold model for years now. They have also known that they would be putting their careers in jeopardy to talk about them openly. So they have generally kept their mouths shut. That doesn’t mean that they have turned their brains off. They have been thinking about how stock investing really works.

Once Buy-and-Hold dies, they are going to feel free to tell us about all the exciting ideas that have been gradually coming to life in their brains. We are going to see an explosion of knowledge of how stock investing really works once the Buy-and-Hold monster is truly dead and buried and can hold back progress no more.


  1. kahr9 says

    Uh, you’ve got two number 82’s and no number 75. I sort of expected a person professing expertise in economics to be a bit more careful with numbers.

  2. Rob says

    You know what they told us when we came up with those tricky questions for the good Sisters of Saint Joseph back at old St. Timothy’s, don’t you, Kehr9?

    It’s a mystery.


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