Balance Junkie Column #4 — Five Things Tim Tebow Can Teach Us About Stock Investing

I’ve posted Entry #5 to my monthly column at the Balance Junkie site. It’s called Five Things Tim Tebow Can Teach Us About Stock Investing.

Juicy Excerpt:  The poll shows that the explanations people give for liking Tebow or Manning are rationalizations. People decide for emotional reasons who to support and then turn on the brainpower to concoct explanations for those emotional beliefs that sound sensible. When stocks are priced at three times fair value, there will be dozens of reasons put forward for why the price being set by the market is the proper one. Don’t believe any of it. It is always possible to come up with both plausible-sounding reasons for high prices and plausible-sounding reasons for low prices. Most investing analyses (including this one, to be sure) are so much hot air.

Juicy Comment: You even built your own bias into your headline (naming Tebow rather than Manning).


  1. Rob says

    I use P/E10, Canyon.

    That’s the price of a broad index over the average of the last 10 years of earnings.

    Thanks much for stopping by.


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