“I Only Hope that the Day Will Soon Come When Old Saint Jack Will be Working Beside Me”

One of the Goons recently asked me if I “hated” John Bogle. Set forth below are the words of my response:

Old Saint Jack is the second most important investing analyst in history (I place Robert Shiller in the top spot).Valuation-Informed Indexing reduces the risk of stock investing by 70 percent and there obviously would be no Valuation-Informed Indexing if there were no indexing. Guess who has done more than any human being alive to promote indexing over the past 35 years?

John Bogle will go down in history as a Hero to the Middle Class for what he has taught us all about how stock investing works in the real world. I will see to it.

But I won’t lie about his association with Mel Linduaer, Yip. I shouldn’t have to. Old Saint Jack is a grown-up. He knows the rules of civil human behavior. He’s been around long enough to know that people in positions of responsibility don’t associate with the sorts of people who put up posts in “defense” of a Mel Lindauer.

I will do everything in my power to see that John Bogle’s important and powerful investing insights receive the credit they merit in days to come. I only hope that the day will soon come when Old Saint Jack will be working beside me instead of cowering in fear over what Mel Linduaer might say about him if he dares to say clearly and firmly and plainly what he knows about the message of the last 30 years of academic research.

I love John Bogle, Yip. I only wish that John Bogle loved John Bogle half as much as Rob Bennett loves John Bogle.



  1. what says

    I see, you live in a Universe where Jack Bogle is fearful of Mel Lindauer.

    Have you been off your meds?

  2. Rob says

    There was a day when, had I said that a leading academic researcher could be intimidated into abandoning the research that he knew put him in line for winning a Nobel prize in economics, people (including me!) would have said that I was off my meds, What.


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