“The Same Emotional Roadblocks That Make It Hard to Bloggers to Address These Matters Make It Hard for Me to Get the E-Mails Out”

Set forth below is the text of a thread-starter that I put to the Goon Central board:

This is tentative. I think I am beginning to make some slow progress in getting the e-mails out.I should have had hundreds of them out by now.  I think the number was about 12 through yesterday. For today, I think it will be five or six more. No great leap forward. But small movement in the right direction. My hope is that the next week will be better.I believe that the same emotional roadblocks that make it hard for bloggers and blog readers to address these matters frankly make it hard for me to get the e-mails out. We are all social creatures. We don’t like to point out shameful things. Our inclination is to cover them up. We don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. We don’t want people angry at us. This is the wall that must be overcome. It is by breaking down this well that I earn that $500 million.

I know from past experience (and from what I have seen with the first 12 or so this time) that the response rate will be very low. 50 e-mails won’t cut it. I need to get hundreds out. Perhaps thousands. The number needs to be big enough so that even a tiny response rate will yield results.

I may fail in this. The track record is mixed. I have been slow to act re many aspects of this. I always act eventually, though. I don’t quit.

Anyway, that’s the story.

WIsh me luck!



  1. Rob says


    I have some items that I posted at the Goon Central board that I want to get to first.

    Then I have a comment or two from this blog that I want to feature as separate blog entries.

    Then I will begin posting responses to my e-mails on the Wade Pfau matter, both positive responses and negative responses.

    Take care, Evidence.


  2. what says

    I don’t really get it. Is this some kind of announcement that you will be sending spam emails?

    Who cares?

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