Carolyn McClanahan, Director of Financial Planning at Life Planning Partners, Inc.: “Valuation-Informed Indexing Is the Same Song We Sing. Glad You Belong to the Same Choir We Do.”

I’ve been sending e-mails to various people letting them know of the efforts by the Buy-and-Hold Mafia to silence Academic Researcher Wade Pfau after he published research showing the superiority of Valuation-Informed Indexing strategies over Buy-and-Hold strategies. Set forth below are reports on five responses I received.

1) Nancy Rapoport, a Professor of Law at Boyd School of Law, said: “Thanks so much for reaching out to me.”

2) Golaka C. Nath, a Researcher for the Clearing House Corporation of India, wrote: “Thanks. I will surely look at the article.”

3) David Zetland, who teaches a class on Environmental Economics and Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, told me: “I agree that ‘advisers’ are not very helpful but discussing these issues is not within my expertise/vocation.” David included a link to an article. I wrote back: “I understand re the expertise matter. However, given the message of the article you linked to, I think an argument might be advanced that those put forward as the ‘experts” in this field may in reality not be much more ‘expert’ than you or I. Ssssh! Please don’t tell anyone I said that! I may have gone ‘controversial again! Please take good care.” David shot back a one-word reply: “Agreed.”

4) Carolyn McClanahan, the Director of Financial Planning at Life Planning Partners, Inc., told me in a tweet that: “Valuation-Informed Indexing is the same song we sing. Glad you belong to the same choir we do.” I tweeted back to Carolyn that: “I saw that Michael Kitces followed you. Michael knows all the best people in this field!”

5) Edward Tower, an Economics Professor at Duke, and a Bogleheads Forum participant, said: “Rob, Thanks. Ive had a quick look. I wish that Robert Shiller had bond rates of return on his web site, not just long-term bond yields, so one could use his data to test this hypothesis.” I wrote back: “Thanks for your response. There sure are lots of angles. It would definitely be a good thing if more effort were directed to exploring all of them.”


  1. sparky says


    I asked my pink unicorn to give you an endorsement, but she is worried that it would hurt her credibility with all the other unicorns.


  2. Rob says

    Just wait until after the next crash, Sparky. The unicorns will be lined up around the block. They’ll all be saying: “Bogle? What’s a Bogle?”

    Hang in there, man.


  3. sparky says


    Same link you have given many times. You still haven’t given proof. You are still delusional.

    Just more of the same.

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