Valuation-Informed Indexing #132 — We Don’t Understand What the Word “Overvaluation” Means

I’ve posted Entry # 132 to my weekly Valuation-Informed Indexing column at the Value Walk site. It’s titled We Don’t Understand What the Word “Overvaluation” Means.

Juicy Excerpt: The truth is — Most of us don’t know. It’s not because we are not smart enough or because the concept is hard to understand. It is because we would rather not know. We avoid thinking about the question. It is the job of every expert in this field to help us overcome our reluctance to understand the meaning of this word.


  1. banned plop contributor says

    “I’ve asked hundreds of Buy-and-Holders what they believe the word “overvaluation” means. I always hear the same general answer. ”

    You’ve stopped even phoning it in now, haven’t you Rob?

    Your outlandish lies are not even plausible, much less provable any longer.

    Why not give a link to this survey of self-identified “Buy and Holders” that you interviewed and asked that question of?

    Answer: You won’t because you can’t. Like most of your balderdash, this alleged fact-gathering exercise is no more than a figment of your much-fevered imagination.

    I’ll check in to see if you prove me wrong. If so, you can expect a full and heartfelt public apology. Of course, I have no concern about actually having to give such a statement — I won’t be called upon by you to do so, because you know I’m right.

    Why not quit the charade, at long last, and seek out the mental help you so obviously need?

  2. banned plop contributor says

    And there we have it — Rob is forced to admit to yet another totally fabricated scenario, having no basis in fact.

    Why do you continue to befoul your own reputation, Rob? It makes no sense. Which is just another indicator that scheduling a mental health checkout would be the best decision you could make in life right now.

    Why not Rob? There is no stigma anymore. It’s just a medical condition.

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