“There Are Millions of People Who Don’t Contribute to Internet Discussions Today Because They Fear the Tricks That People Like You Will Play on Them If They Share. The Internet Is Not Only for Social Misfits Like You, Yip. When Your Prison Sentence Is Announced, That News Is Going to Go Viral. I See That As a Very Positive Thing.”

Set forth below are the texts of three comments that I recently posted to the Goon Central board:

You obviously don’t understand the concept of property rights.

I say that it is you who do not understand property rights, Evidence.Every one of those boards and blogs has published rules prohibiting the tactics that you Goons have employed to block honestzzz posting on the last 30 years of peer-reviewed academic research.If you don’t like the rules of any of the existing boards, why don’t you start your own?The owners of those boards own those boards and they have elected to forbid your participation. They have a property right to do so.You have the right to honor their rules or to find some other board or blog where the rules are more to your liking.

Please don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out, my old friend.


Rob, you have the opportunity to speak at boards, not a right. 
We disagree, Yip.I spent years of my life doing the work it took to build the Motley Fool board into the most successful board in that site’s history. Motley Fool made money from that board. The deal they had with me is that they would make the money and I would use my efforts to build for them a board that would be a hugely valuable resource for aspiring early retirees. Had Motley Fool not made me a rock-solid promise to protect me from the sorts of tactics we saw employed by Greaney and his Goon Squad, I never would have devoted the thousands of hours of work it took to build that board into what it became.When someone makes me a promise, I expect to see that promise honored. When someone fails to honor a promise made to me and it costs me a large sum of money, I expect to be compensated.There are millions of people who don’t contribute to internet discussions today because they fear the tricks that people like you will play on them if they share what they think with others with an interest in learning from them. I want to see those millions freed to post honestly. If the ten years of ugliness you have brought to our boards results in legal judgments that cause Motley Fool and all the other sites who have permitted Lindauerheads and Greaney Goons to post at their sites to start honoring their promises, we will have accomplished something very, very, very important together. So I will pursue the legal cases.

The internet is not only for social misfits like you, Yip. Thousands of your fellow community members have expressed a desire that honestzzz posting be permitted on every investing board and blog. When your prison sentence is announced, that news is going to go viral. That announcement will permit this amazing new communications medium to realize its full potential for the first time in the history of the internet. I see that as a very, very, very positive thing.

Does it make me happy to know you will be going to prison in days to come? It does not. That’s one of the reasons why the hand of kindness remains outstretched to you until this day. But please don’t ever get the idea in your head that I am open to betraying the thousands of my fellow community members who have expressed a desire that the published posting rules of every board and blog be administered in a reasonable way. I care about those people every bit as much as I care about you Goons. If anything, I care about them more. So any “deal” that involves a sell-out of the good and honestzzz people that comprise the majority of all of our board and blog communities is a no-go from my end of the table.

I naturally wish you all good things.


They banned you. Simple as that.
How much do you want to bet that, on the day following the filing of the first lawsuit, every site administrator that banned me because of his fear of the Lindauer and Greaney Goons will be begging me to return as quickly as possible?Just another one of those crazy hunches I have been known to experience from time to time, Yip.We’ll find out what the juries of the United States think of your Goon “jokes.”And we’ll find out AFTER the price crash that takes another 65 percent of the life savings of millions of middle-class people.

It’s so hard to figure out how this one is going to turn out!

The suspense is killing me!



  1. The Pink Unicorn says


    You and I have some things in common. For example, we both live in a fantasy world.


    The Pink Unicorn

  2. Rob says

    The difference is that mine is backed by 32 years of peer-reviewed academic research, Pink.

    While yours is backed by marketing slogans endlessly pumped out by a group of Wall Street Con Men who have made fortunes by keeping people like you in the dark as to how stock investing really works in the long run.

    In any event, as Bob Dylan once said in song:

    “I’ll let you be in my dream
    If you’ll let me be in yours.”

    Take care, man (I mean Unicorn!)


  3. The Pink Unicorn says

    Come on now Rob. You know that the fantasy I speak about is where you think all these people will be going to jail and that you will get some big financial windfall from legal action. I have 32 years of active Unicorn research that says that me and my Unicorn friends are more likely to be real versus your jail time and windfall fantasy.

  4. Rob says

    I recall that there were lots of people saying on the morning of May 13, 2002, that I was wrong in saying that there were errors in the Old School safe withdrawal rate studies that needed to be promptly corrected, Pink.

    No one is saying that today.

    I wonder why.


  5. Rob says

    I have 32 years of active Unicorn research that says…

    There’s a funny sort of truth in what you are saying with these particular words, Pink.

    In 1981 we were standing at the beginning of a long bull market.

    We are now about halfway through the long bar market brought on by that long bull market.

    From 1981 through 2008, there was one sort of investor emotion that dominated stock investing. You are right that there were many signs in those days that we would never return to fair-value price levels again.

    The reality, of course, is that we are in the process of doing so.

    “Research” that only works during insane bull markets isn’t true research, Pink.

    I look at the entire 140 years of stock-market history. The entire history tells a very, very different story.

    If you are trying to sell something, it makes sense to limit yourself to the bull market results.

    If you want to help people finance their retirements, you need to tell them the real story. All investors live through both bull and bear markets. Any “strategy” that works only during one set of circumstances is garbage.


  6. The Pink Unicorn says

    Come on now Rob. You are using your diversion tactics. You keep repeating this fantasy about jail time for people and the $500million legal windfall, but when confronted, you use diversion. My fellow Unicorns want to know why.

  7. Rob says

    I have a funny feeling that your fellow Unicorns are growing increasingly nervous that the fallout from the next price crash is going to land them in the Big House, Pink.

    I’ve offered to help.

    There’s not a thing I can do without some cooperation on your part.

    So it is out of my hands for the moment.

    You have my best wishes, for whatever that counts for.


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