Goon Description of Rob Bennett’s Thinking: “Smart People Who Actually Know Stuff Agree With Me. If They Say They Don’t Agree With Me, It’s Just Because You Are Intimidating Them. I Don’t Care What They Say, I Care How They Feel, and I Alone Know How They Really Feel.”

Set forth below is the text of a comment advanced by one of the Greaney Goons to a blog entry at this site (I think it would be fair to say that the comment was intended as an exercise in sarcasm — he was describing his view of how Rob Bennett approaches the various issues that have come up during the first 11 years of our investing discussions):

I never lose an argument. Because I am always right. You could be always right too, except of course when you argue with me. Just follow these simple steps.

1) I am always right.

2) Words mean what I say they mean. A “friend” is anyone that I would like to be my friend, even if they detest me or have never heard of me. A “criminal” is anyone who disagrees with me, or has ever deleted my comments. Of course, I delete comments all the time, but that’s perfectly okay because I am always right.

3) If what I claim hasn’t been proven, it just hasn’t been proven YET. It will be proven, someday. I don’t have to say when. Might be tomorrow, might be a hundred years from now. The point is, I am right.

4) If your so-called “evidence” and “logic” and “reality” suggest that I may be wrong, then YOU are wrong. Because by definition, I am always right.

5) Smart people who actually know stuff agree with me. If they say they don’t agree with me, it’s just because you are intimidating them. I don’t care what they say, I care how they feel, and I alone know how they really feel. On the inside, they agree with me. Why wouldn’t they – I am always right.

It’s great to be me.

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  1. Rob says

    I wouldn’t want to be trying to argue the other side of the story, Pink. That much would certainly be fair to say.


  2. Rob says

    Yeah, yeah.

    I am the person who discovered the errors in the Old School safe withdrawal rate studies and then had the temerity to “cross” the Buy-and-Holders by posting honestly about the matter on an internet discussion board. You can’t get much more mentally ill than that in the eyes of the Wall Street Con Men and their Internet Goon “defenders”!


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