“People Respond to Incentives. The Fewer Incentives We Offer to Those Who Push Smelly Get Rich Quick Garbage, the Less We Will See Of It. The Greater the Benefits We Offer to Those Who Post Honestly About Research-Based Strategies, the More We Will See of the Good Stuff.”

Set forth below is the text of a comment that I recently put to a blog entry at this site:

How do you expect to have a community board in which people have a DISCUSSION when you end up posting 99% if the content. That is not a discussion. It is a lecture.

This is why I say that we need to open up every board and blog on the internet to honest posting on SWRs and MANY OTHER critically important investment-related topics.

Today there are huge rewards handed out to those who help the Wall Street Con Men push their smelly Get Rich Quick garbage.

And the thousands of community members who have expressed a desire to participate in honest discussions have been denied that basic right.

We need to hold those who participate in abusive acts in “defense” of Buy-and-Hold accountable for their behavior. We need to hold them both civilly and criminally liable.

And we need to say “thank you!” to those who work up the courage to post honesty about the last 32 years of peer-reviewed academic research.

People respond to incentives.

The fewer incentives we offer to those who push smelly Get Rich Quick garbage, the less we will see of it.

The greater the benefits we offer to those who post honestly about research-based strategies, the more we will see of the good stuff.

There will come a time when I won’t have to deliver any more lectures because you will be hearing about Valuation-Informed Indexing on every television program and in every investing magazine and on every investing web site.

We have to start somewhere, Pink.

We start with permitting one poster to post honestly re one topic.

Then it grows. And grows some more. And grows some more.

One day, you wake up and the smelly Buy-and-Hold garbage is buried 30 feet in the ground.

What do you think would happen today if someone with black skin was told that he or she had to go to the back of the bus?

That’s what will happen a few years from now to someone who threatens to kill another poster’s wife and children because that person reported the safe withdrawal rate accurately and honestly.

Get Rich Quick is on the way out. Research-based investing strategies are the future.

I am sure.

Rob the Lecturer

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