“The Secret Edge That I Hold in These Discussions Is That There Is a Part of You That Wants to Learn How to Invest Effectively. That Part Is Also a Part of Millions of Other Middle-Class Investors. That Part is Growing Stronger Every Day.”

Set forth below is the text of a comment that I recently put to the Goon Central board:

but all with RESPECT for all parties, as long as they are operating in good faith: 

I showed a respect to Greaney and to all the Buy-and-Holders that you have never showed them Drip Guy.

I pointed out Greaney’s mistake because I believe that he wants to help people learn how to retire early. It naturally followed that he wants to correct any errors he has made in any retirement studies that he has posted to his web site.

You have demonstrated for 11 years now that you are working from a very, very different presumption re what Greaney is all about.

Greaney has behaved in ways that support your presumption. Still, I know the man better than you. Greaney has ALSO behaved in ways that support my belief that he is suffering from cognitive dissonance. He has behaved poorly. He has committed felonies. He will be going to prison for a long time. All that said, there is a part of him that set up that site because he wanted to help people learn how to retire early and that part of him to this day wants to do that.

The same is true of Jack Bogle.

The same is true of Bill Bernsteinzzz.

The same is true of Scott Burnszzz.

The same is true of Larry Swedroe.

Believe it or not, the same is true of Drip Guy.

This is the secret edge that I have held in these discussions going back the the first day, Drip Guy.

There are not two sides here. We are all on the same side. We all want the same things.

You ACT like you don’t. But you don’t fool me.

You ACT like you fool yourself. But that is never more than partly true.

There is a part of you that wants to learn how to invest effectively and that wants to help others learn how to invest effectively.

That part of you is drawn to learning about what the peer-reviewed academic research in this field really says about what works in stock investing.

And that part of you is also a part of millions of other middle-class investors.

That part is growing stronger in each and every one of us every day.

It will soon grow strong enough to overcome the part in many of us that would rather put forward death threats and demands for unjustified board bannings and tens of thousands of acts of defamation and threats to get academic researchers fired from their jobs rather than to say the words “I” and “Was” and “Wrong” even though admitting fallibility is an essential part of any learning process.

I win in the end, Drip Guy.

Or else we all lose.

I am happy to discuss the terms of our mutual victory this morning if you are up for it.

But I have zero interest in discussing the terms of our mutual defeat.

For obvious reasons.

Respect is indeed what it is all about. When you are feeling enough pain from the prospect of your prison sentence, a light switch will be flipped and you will start respecting yourself again. At that moment, all sorts of good things start happening for every Buy-and-Holder and for every Valuation-Informed Indexer, with not one exception.

Don’t let the bad guys get you down, man.



  1. Sensible Investor says

    Us “buy and holders” DO know how to invest effectively, Rob. It’s usually the market timers who have tough luck with their investments.

  2. The Pink Unicorn says

    All the people you mentioned know how to invest successfully and have a demonstrated track record of achievement. You, on the other hand, do not have a successful track record.

    Results matter, Rob.

  3. Rob says

    Us “buy and holders” DO know how to invest effectively, Rob.

    So you say, Sensible.

    But your behavior indicates that you lack confidence in your strategy.

    I am afraid that I am not buying what you are selling, my old friend.


  4. Rob says

    It’s usually the market timers who have tough luck with their investments.

    Yet there is 32 years of peer-reviewed academic research showing that long-term timing is essential for any investor hoping to have even a small chance of achieving long-term investing success and that failing to take price into consideration when setting your allocation ALWAYS leads to a financial wipe-out somewhere down the road.

    I wonder why.


  5. Rob says

    You, on the other hand, do not have a successful track record.

    Valuation-Informed Indexing has 140 years of historical data supporting it, Pink.

    Buy-and-Hold has zero years.

    When I invest money that I intend to use to support my retirement, my strong inclination is to look at what strategies have stood the test of time.

    I naturally wish you the best of luck with whatever investing strategies you elect to pursue.


  6. Rob says

    Results matter, Rob.

    We’re soul mates re this one, Pink.

    It would make me happy to see you pay more attention to results and less to the marketing slogans pushed so recklessly and so relentlessly and so ruthlessly by the Wall Street Con Men.

    I have a funny feeling that the Wall Street Con Men don’t have the retirement dreams of middle-clas investors foremost in mind when they push the investing “strategies” they love so much.

    Just another one of those crazy hunches that I have been known to experience from time to time.

    Don’t let the bad guys get you down, man.


  7. The Pink Unicorn says


    All these “buy and holders” have demonstrated portfolios that have return rates that show you are wrong. On the other where is your portfolio based off the “research”you refer to? Where is the application out into use? Where is your own personal example?

    Yes, Rob, results matter and you don’t have any to compare to those you demonize.

  8. Anonymous says

    “I win in the end, ….or else we all lose.”

    Muttered like the true angry psychopath that you are, Rob.

  9. Rob says

    You’re wrong, Anonymous.

    Valuation-Informed Indexing is an advance.

    Advances benefit everyone. There are no losers when an advance is achieved.

    You PERCEIVE this win as a loss because you are happy with where you stand in the old system. But the old system is going down regardless of anything I do. Your choices are to find a good place in the new system or to get hurt.

    It is your friends who are telling you to find a good place in the new system as soon as possible. Because each day that you hold back you hurt yourself more.

    All the good is on one side. And all the bad is on the other side. And that’s so for every last one of us.

    That’s the way it works when truly huge advances are achieved.

    Or so says Rob Bennett, in any event.

    My best and warmest wishes to you and yours.


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