“John Bogle Has Money and Connections to Promote Valuation-Informed Indexing That I Do Not Possess. When All of These People and Entities Are Promoting VII, Everyone in the World Is Going to Know About It. There Won’t Be Any Buy-and-Hold Anymore.”

Set forth below is the text of a comment that I recently posted to another blog entry at this site:

I have a serious question:

Why did you bother posting this? Even though at your best your are horribly redundant, circular, and repetitive, this ‘article’ takes the cake. There is not a new word, idea, concept, thought, or phrase in it. It doesn’t advance a thing, doesn’t provide any new perspective or information, and is a complete waste of time. Rob, if YOU can’t care about your output, then how in the world would you expect anyone else to?

Oh, that’s right — you don’t. The purpose of your writing is to hear yourself talk, and give yourself an excuse for frittering away all of the potentially useful days remaining in your life, and not to actually help or even influence others. How sad is that?

The New Year is coming, Rob. I can think of no better resolution for you to take than to seek the help you have obviously needed for some time now.

Godspeed, and I do truly hope you somehow manage to find some joy this Christmas, in spite of your condition.

The point being made in this blog entry is one of great importance, Anonymous. It is also a HIGHLY encouraging point. And it is a point that the vast majority of “experts” in this field have missed.

If you truly don’t see it, you truly don’t see it. That makes me sad. But there’s nothing I can do about it other than to repeat the point and hope that the next time these wonderful words appear before you, they get through the walls of resistance and make a mark on your consciousness.

Here are the words of the headline:

“Once We Get to the Other Side of the Big Black Mountain, the People Who Now Advocate Buy-and-Hold Are Going to Be the Most Vocal Proponents of Valuation-Informed Indexing. VII Is John Bogle’s Dream Come True!”

John Bogle has money and connections to promote Valuation-Informed Indexing that I do not possess, Anonynous.

It’s the same with Bill Bernstein. And with Scott Burns. And with Bill Bernstein.

And it’s the same with Morningstar. And with Index Universe. And with Early Retirement Forum. And with Motley Fool.

When all of these people and entities are promoting Valuation-Imformed Indexing on a daily basis, EVERYONE in the world is going to know about it. There won’t be any Buy-and-Hold anymore. We will all be following research-based strategies, or at least we will all be aware of what the research says and we will follow Get Rich Quick garbage only as a personal choice, not because some internet Goons engaged in trickery to block us from learning about the realities.

And we will be DEVELOPING the VII concept at a much quicker pace when we have all these people contributing fresh insights on a daily basis and when we have millions of middle-class people contributing their thoughts on hundreds of internet discussion boards and blogs, ALL of which will permit honest posting.

Could anything possibly be more life-affirming? Could anything possibly be more exciting?

We will have brought the economic crisis to an end. We will have entered into the greatest period of economic growth ever experienced in our history. We will all be sharing together, topping each other with great and powerful insight followed by great and powerful insight followed by great and powerful insight. We will be retiring many years sooner than we ever before imagined possible. We will be getting all the people who in earlier times were afraid to invest in stocks investing in this great asset class because it will no longer be viewed as a risky asset class. We will be laughing and getting excited about the future and just having a good time together.

Please tell me what you see as the down side, Anonymous.

I see realizing my good friend Jack Bogle’s dream as a wonderful thing. My feeble human brain is not even able to IMAGINE any possible downside. Has your far superior Goon brain been able to come up with something? If it has, I sure would like to know what it is.

We continue to work at cross purposes. But I continue to wish you all the best that this life has to offer a person all the same, my old friend.



  1. Anonymous says


    These people all have money because they already know what works. Same goes for me. They also have far greater knowledge in investing then you do. They have no need to listen to you.

    To the opposite, you need to beclisteningto others. You have a closed mind. When things are not working, you need to look at yourself and figure out what you are doing wrong.

  2. Anonymous says

    The poster you quoted stated things very well. You just want to hear yourself talk. That is also why you delete most posts.

    Successful people like Jack and Bill know what works and that is why they have money.

    I have money and contacts in my business. I use my money and connections for what has worked and will continue to work. Those investments are made based on track record. You lack all of those things. You ignore what has been successful for others, so you lack credibility. Seems like you should spend your time figuring out how you can improve you own situation.

  3. Rob says

    They also have far greater knowledge in investing then you do. They have no need to listen to you.

    Whose name is on the post pointing out the errors in the Old School safe-withdrawal-rate studies, Anonymous?

    If these people are all-perfect, why did they miss that?


  4. Rob says

    Successful people like Jack and Bill know what works and that is why they have money.

    Do they have personal integrity, Anonymous?

    Did they speak up about you Goons when they saw you putting forward death threats and demands for unjustified board bannings and tens of thousands of acts of defamation and threats to get academic researchers fired from their jobs?

    I wouldn’t trade my personal integrity for all the money in the world.

    You and I have very different definitions of “success.”


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