“I Have Much More Confidence in My Ability
to Understand What Is Happening”

I’ve added Elizabeth’s story to the Middle-Class Millionaires section of the site.

Juicy Excerpt: I woke up around DJI 13200, realized I had a lot to learn and had better learn it fast, and found this site. I now have cash sitting in MMFs that has not disappeared out of my retirement funds. I also have much more confidence in my ability to understand what is happening and to respond appropriately as the situation evolves…. I thank you for your public service and, in another dimension, for the personal courage it took to make it happen.

Today’s Passion: We do not learn solely by examining logic chains. We need to hear stories of people like us doing the sorts of things we are thinking perhaps we should be doing to gain the confidence to act on what the logic chains tell us; hearing the words that give us the courage to act on the information bits supplied by the logic chains is a form of learning of its own. You will find many stories of ordinary investors like you coming to terms with the realities of stock investing at times when prices are where they are today at the Letters to the Editor section of John’s site.


  1. Rob says

    This kind of letter makes it all worthwhile.

    Oh, I don’t know. That’s asking an awful lot of one letter, isn’t it?

    I’m joking around, of course. Elizabeth’s e-mails provided my spirits a big lift. And she has helped other community members who are at a point of wondering whether these things really are so by saying what she said.

    Thank you for your kindness, Elizabeth.

    And welcome to the Monkey House! — er, I mean the Financial Freedom Community!


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