What’s the Best Age At Which to Experience a Stock Crash? and Seven Other Guest Blog Entries

Set forth below are links to eight Guest Blog Entries I’ve written on the Valuation-Informed Indexing investing strategy:

1) What’s the Best Age at Which to Experience a Stock Crash?, at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance;

2) A Better and Safer Way to Invest in Stocks, at the Foolish Blogging Network;

3) Playing Dominion vs. Playing the Market, at Free From Broke;

4) Stocks Are Not Risky for Those Willing to Tune Out the Wall Street Mumbo Jumbo; at Everyday Tips and Thoughts;

5) The Biggest Unknown Risk of Stock Investing, at Invest It Wisely;

6) The CAPE: How to Beat Stocks with a 50/50 Portfolio, at Invest It Wisely (I did not write this one. I was excited to see someone else writing about the VII concept);

7) Does the Trend Matter, at Advisor Perspectives (Again, I did not write this one. Again, it is exciting to see the ideas we began exploring ten years ago beginning to spread through the financial planning community);

8 ) Timing the Market Using Stock Valuations, at Mint.com (This is a nice survey of my work and the work of Wade Pfau and Michael Kitces);



  1. says

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for including my Safe Withdrawal Rate article on this list. I looked over many of the other articles and it appears to be in very good company. Nice job on assembling this list!

  2. Rob says

    Your article was a big help to a lot of people, Todd. Thanks for the super work effort that went into it.


  3. Rob says

    You’ve done lots of super stuff too, Invest It Wisely. Your blog is near the top of my list.


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