Money Mustache Blogger: “The Interpersonal He Said/She Said Stuff Is Something I Try Not to Get Involved in Since There Is Always An Unlimited Supply of Complainers Against Any Good Idea”

I have been sending e-mails letting people who don’t read the blog regularly know about my article describing the intimidation tactics used by Buy-and-Holders to silence Academic Researcher Wade Pfau. Set forth below are the texts of some responses I have received:

1) Free Money Finance Blogger: “Thanks. I’m just heading out of town for a week and will check it when I get back.”

2) Doug Short, VP of Research at “Thanks for sharing. Advisor Perspective has a strong record of supporting active portfolio management.”

3) Mr. Money Mustache Blogger: “Howdy Rob! Wow – Sorry I never got back to your ancient email until now! The inbox is a crazy place for me these days. I enjoyed your article and the drama tales around value-informed investing. The interpersonal he said/she said stuff is something I try not to get involved in, since there is always an unlimited supply of complainers against any good idea. Instead, I like to just work on preaching in new and unusual ways, while throwing in the occasional joke at the expense of my detractors :-) But hopefully you’re still having fun just carrying on with your own message and teaching the world about your findings! Cheers — Pete (MMM)

I responded to Mr. Money Mustache by writing: “Thanks much for your response. I’m fighting the good fight. It’s going to be a blast once we make it to the other side of The Big Black Mountain. Keep on doing what you do, my good man. — Rob

4) Larry Weber (Larry and I had several long telephone conversations a few years ago in which he expressed great enthusiasm for the Valuation-Informed Indexing concept and expressed a willingness to contact Ross Perot, for whom he once worked, and a number of venture capitalists to help us spread the word and bring the economic crisis to an end): Thanks, Rob. I will check it out.

5) Jesse at the Jesse’s Cafe Americain Blog: Jesse posted a link to the Wade Pfau article at his site. When I sent an e-mail thanking him, he wrote back: “Have a GREAT week, Rob!”


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