Stocks Are a Lot Less Risky Than You Think

I recently posted a Guest Blog Entry at the Money & Such blog entitled Stocks Are a Lot Less Risky Than You Think.

Juicy Excerpt: The price volatility of stocks is an illusion. It’s not real. Change how you react to it and it goes away. Stop taking volatility seriously and it goes “Poof!”.

There were several good comments posted in response to the blog entry.

Juicy Excerpt: I think you provide a unique approach to the topic. It sounds to me very similar to the idea of actually researching and understanding the companies you invest in but taken to a different level. Rather than researching individual companies you seem to promote the research of an economy’s productivity as a whole.

This is the Guest Blog Entry than was posted at the Quest for Four Pillars blog several weeks ago. Mike, the owner of the blog (who advocates Buy-and-Hold Investing) deleted the blog entry after several positive comments about it were posted by community members. Mike also banned me from posting any further comments myself at his blog. There’s some sort of funny business going on here — I can tell!

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