“I Would NEVER Deliberately Do Something to Hurt Someone’s Pride or to Cause Anyone to Lose Face”

Yesterday’s blog entry set forth the text of an e-mail that I sent to my friend “Pop,” the author of the Pop Economics blog. Pop asked that I not post the text of his reply. Set forth below is the text of my response to Pop’s reply, sent on March 16.

I will set forth the text of the initial Guest Blog Entry that I sent to Pop as tomorrow’s blog entry. I submitted a new Guest Blog Entry in accord with Pop’s suggestions on Saturday.


Thanks for another thoughtful response.

I am happy to do the revision. I think the new focus makes perfect sense.

I agree with the point you make re the other matter. All that you say is 100 percent true. The problem from my side is that I must report accurately what the historical data says to have any hope of making a good number of the important points. And this is what some cannot accept! It’s a serious obstacle to advancing the argument.

I would NEVER deliberately do something to hurt someone’s pride or to cause anyone to lose face. To do so would be both counter-productive and unkind. So that’s out. There is no question that there are things that have happened that have caused people to suffer hurt pride. I will always stand ready to do anything that I can to take things in a better direction.

So, if you ever hear of any rumors of people opening up to the idea of taking steps that would prove to be positive for EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED, please let me know. I believe that this saga is someday going to come to an end through that sort of action and I want everyone to know how I will play it if such an idea ever gets put on the table.

My take is that there must be an insistence on honesty COMBINED with charity. Both are essential.

Take care. I’ll get you the new effort early next week.



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