“The Scary Thing Is That Rob Is An Optimist”

Jennifer at the Live Richly blog offered some fine comments re The Troubles in a recent post of hers titled Will You Retire on Your Stocks?

Juicy Excerpt #1: I started reading some guest posts by Rob Bennett of Passion Saving, and found out that his stance on buying when stocks are cheap and not when they are expensive is a controversial one. To me, this just seems like common sense, but apparently many advocates of buy-and-hold won’t even let Rob give his point of view.

Juicy Excerpt #2: Rob looks at long term averages, and correctly states that your US stock purchases made in 2000 should pay off in the long run – in the year 2030. He asserts that stocks have performed as expected by students of history, but that most investors thought that the market would turn around much faster.

Juicy Excerpt #3: The scary thing is that Rob is an optimist. The whole idea of funding retirement on stocks is a new one. It’s a giant experiment, and the Baby Boomers are the guinea pigs. No generation has ever successfully relied on stocks before, and I don’t think the Boomers will be the first.



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