Bogleheads Forum Poster in Thread Discussing Academic Researcher Wade Pfau’s Finding that Valuation-Informed Indexing Strategies Have Provided Higher Returns Than Buy-and-Hold at Lower Risk Throughout the Entire Historical Record: “The Paper Refutes a Central Tenet of the Boglehead Investing Philosophy. It’s a Big Deal.”

Yesterday’s blog entry reported on an e-mail that I sent to Academic Researcher Wade Pfau on May 18, 2011. My next e-mail from Wade arrived on May 31, 2011.

Jacob Irwin, publisher of the My Personal Finance Journey blog, posted an analysis comparing Valuation-Informed Indexing with what he calls “Passive Investing” (what I call “Buy-and-Hold” — sticking with a single stock allocation in the face of big changes in the price being charged for stocks):

Jacob sent a link to me and Wade and Wade copied me on his reply to Jacob.

Wade said: “VII tends to work as long as there is mean reversion in PE10, which there usually is.  The unprecedented run-up of PE10 in the 1990s makes it hard for VII to compete then.  I think there is not much else that can be done about that.  But I don’t think this means that VII has permanently stopped working. Trying to find a specific strategy for VII to have worked in this 1990-2011 period sounds too much like data mining.  Though in other time periods, it hardly matters which strategy you choose as it is hard to find a period in which VII does not work.”

He also linked to a discussion at the Bogleheads Forum that he said he thought might be of interest to us:

In the Bogleheads discussion, a poster using the name “Fred Flintstone” said that Wade’s research showing the superiority of Valuation-Informed Indexing over Buy-and-Hold “refutes a central tenet of the Boglehead investing philosophy. It’s a big deal.”


  1. Evidence Based Investing says


    @MichaelKitces I apologize for even thinking such a thing was a possibility with you, Michael. You’re the tops!


    All’s cool with Michael Kitces. Whew! I love the guy. I’ve been banned so many time that I am getting paranoid!


    I tried to add a comment to the Michael Kitces article “The Rise of Tactical Allocation.” Rejected. I’ve sent an e-mail
    I still don’t see your comment at Michael’s site

  2. Rob says

    Michael is out of the office. He told me that he will get the comment up as soon as he is able to do so.

    I’m grateful for the loving thoughts you are directing my way, Evidence.



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