“I Have Attended Two Years of the Financial Bloggers Conference, Letting All My Fellow Bloggers Know How Important It Is That We All Work to Bring the Campaign of Terror to a Full and Complete Stop. I Have a Funny Feeling That I Am Covered re This One.”

Set forth below is the text of a comment that I recently put to a discussion thread at this blog:


Take a look at this:


It looks like this describes what you are doing.

Here’s an article where I report on the Campaign of Terror of which Wade and I and many other good people have been victims:


I have contacted my congressman, Sparky. I have contacted the Purcellville police. They have a file re this matter. I have contacted the FBI. I have contacted numerous lawyers. I have contacted a special division of the Virginia law enforcement authorities that deals with internet crimes. I have contacted the site owners who permitted abusive posting or criminal behavior at their sites. I have sent 9600 e-mails (it will be 9700 by the end of today) to my fellow citizens letting them know of the 10-year cover-up of the errors in the Old School retirement studies and how it has been carried out through the use of actions that constitute criminal financial fraud. I have written scores of guest blog entries on this matter. I have created five unique calculators that help people learn what they need to know to overcome the effects of this fraudulent enterprise. I have posted hundreds of thousands of comments at discussion boards and blogs. I have prayed. I have written and talked this over with a good number of the biggest names in the field, including Jack Bogle and Rob Arnott and Scott Burns and William Bernstein and Larry Swedroe. I have recorded 200 hour-long podcasts. I encouraged John Walter Russell to create an entire web site featuring his amazing research. I worked with Wade Pfau for 16 months telling him what he needed to know to prepare the most important research paper published in this field in the past 30 years. I write a daily blog devoted soley to discussion of these matters. I have 200 articles at my web site relating to these matters. I have attended two years of the Financial Bloggers Conference, letting all my fellow bloggers know how important it is that we all work to bring the Campaign of Terror to a full and complete stop by the close of today’s business. I talk about this to my friends at parties and Little League games and picnics and when I bring my boys to the pool. I have prepared a first draft of a book on the subject.

I have a funny feeling that I am covered re this one, my old friend.

Just one of those crazy hunches that I experience from time to time.

I naturally wish you all the best that this life has to offer a person.



  1. Rob says

    Because he’s hurting, Annie.

    No one likes to be taken for a fool.

    Once we make everyone aware of what the last 32 years of academic research says, no one ever will be again.

    We are in a strange sort of Twilight Zone today. We know how stock investing works for the first time in history, partly as a result of what we have learned from the Buy-and-Holders (who are responsible for many powerful insights) and partly as a result of what we have learned from the Valuation-Informed Indexers (who also are responsible for many powerful insights). The only step remaining is for us to INTEGRATE the two sets of insights into the first true research-based model for understanding how the stock market works.

    The trouble is that the Buy-and-Holders don’t like the feeling of having been fooled by their emotions. So they have not been able to acknowledge their mistakes.

    We need to extend the hand of charity to them. But we also need to DEMAND (not ask!) that the entire internet be opened to honest posting on what the last 32 years of research says. We are not helping our Buy-and-Hold friends by letting them incur ever greater civil and criminal liabilities. And we of course are not helping anyone else by letting this economic crisis continue.

    We’re close to the place where we will all come to see that we are luckiest group of investors ever to walk the face of Planet Earth. But we still have one more hurdle to overcome — helping our Buy-and-Hold friends get over their feelings of shame and guilt and anger.

    Don’t let the bad guys get you down, Annie.


  2. AnnieM says

    So, you’re saying that he’s simply mentally ill and that you have never done anything offensive?

  3. Rob says

    I obviously didn’t say that he is mentally ill, Annie.

    That’s Goon Talk.

    Not interested.

    Please try to find someone else.


  4. Rob says

    and that you have never done anything offensive?

    Say that the Phillies are playing the Yankees in the World Series and that it is the seventh game and that you do a statistical analysis showing that the pitcher they have slated to go is not up to the job. Say that you write this in a column with the aim of persuading the manager to use a different pitcher who according to your statistical analysis is more likely to win the game.

    Is that “offensive”?

    Many Phillies fans would find it so. They want to win the game. Hearing doubts expressed is disconcerting. It hurts, especially if in some part of their minds they entertain similar doubts.

    But what you are saying is not “offensive” in an objective sense. If you claim to be a loyal Phillies fan and you have information that could help them win the World Series and you fail to reveal it because you are afraid that people will get mad at you if you do, you are a coward and not a true fan. You MUST share that information regardless of what it causes people to say about you.

    I have said many things that have caused many Buy-and-Holders to feel pain. That’s an established fact.

    I did it to help them achieve financial freedom many years sooner than would otherwise be possible. That’s the name of the game we are playing here. Someone who possesses information that would help his friends to achieve far higher returns at greatly reduced risk who fails to share has let down his friends in a serious way.

    This I will not do. Not ever.

    Sometimes learning experiences hurt. If you fall off a bike, it hurts. The answer is not to avoid learning how to ride a bike. The answer is to accept that sometimes learning experiences hurt but also to understand that they are worth undergoing because learning experiences ultimately bring us more joy than pain.

    Every painful experience I have caused the Buy-and-Holders was part of a learning experience that they need to undergo to become the investors that deep in their hearts they all want to become.

    I have been LOYAL to the Buy-and-Holders in a way that a lot of the “experts” that they slobber over have failed to be loyal to them.

    I wish you all good things, Annie.


  5. sparky says


    Take a look at Rob’s own words as to the number of emails he has sent. Rob has also left out important information. He seems to have center his life around Wade Pfau. During this stream of conversations Rob is referring to, I asked him if he would stop pestering Wade if he was asked by Wade to stop and Rob declined. There is much more to the story and all you need to do is google it.

    Rob always like to give an emotional response like this one in which he says people “hurt”, etc. All you need to do is read up on Rob and you can decide for yourself.

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